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Description Category Region Trading Hours Price Weekly Takings Rent Net Profit

MA 1040 Coffee Brasserie Manly Beach

Prime Water Front in the Manly beach,under management huge potencial 9 yearslease sitting 120 inside plus outdoors Turn over $60,000a week all year around.Nett $550,000 pa

Brasserie Northern Beaches 6am 10.30pm $1,250,000 $65,000 $6,500 $12,500

MA 1039 Coffee Brasserie JUST SOLD

One of the longest running cafe in CBD history,well establish name over 35 years the same owner,Turn over $60,000.00 a week nett $15000 per week hugepotencial owner is retiring, 20 year lease the best location.

Brasserie Sydney CBD 6am to 10pm $950,000 $60,000 $6,500 $15,000

MA 1041

Coffee and snacks, light cooking, 30 kg coffee a week with Rustic menuin prime Sans Souci location.Currently owner operated withHusb/wifeteam.D/a to operate nights.Nothing to spend, has good organic followingin social media and great website,easy to manage.Turn over $14000,00 per week Rent only $500 per weekNett $4500,easy to run no competition sitting for 25

Coffee and Sandwiches St George 7am to 3pm $220,000 $15,000 $500 $4,500

MA1038 Coffee Brasserie light snacks

One of the well establish names in the Sydney CBD,morethan 30 years,run under management,light snacks,light cooking,nett $20,000.per wek Turn over $55,000.00 per weeknett profit $20,000.00

Brasserie Sydney CBD 8am-7pm $2,400,000 $55,000 $7,850 $20,000

MA1037 Coffee,cakes light cooking

Prime city rail location,huge passing trade,Sell 125kg coffe a week under management,Turn over $40,000.00 a week nett $12000.00 a week

Coffee and Cakes Sydney CBD 5,30am-7pm $990,000 $40,000 $5,850 $12,000

MA 1036 Seafood only cook prime CBD Center Just Sold

One of the best quality Seafood eat in,ot take way,Fully Licence in the CBD fully under management,Turn over $25,000.00 per week Huge potencial for owner operator,nothing to spend easy to run.Exclusive sitting of 60 chairs and 18 Stools,Net$4500.00 per week.

Takeaway Sydney CBD 10.30-6pm $255,000 $25,000 $4,850 $4,500


Prime city coffee bar location 5 days sell 50 kg coffee a week,no cookingturn over $14,000. Nett $3500.00 per week 6 years lease.

Coffee and Cakes Sydney CBD 6-4 $355,000 $14,000 $1,500 $3,500

MA 1034

Chicken shop well establish close to the beach,turn over $45,000 now $55000 summer time rent is $3100per week with a beautiful 3 bedrooms residence,neting $12000per week 600 whole chickens 400kg fillet a week for burgers.Same owner many years,Huge potencial for home delivery.

Takeaway South Coast 9am -8pm $980,000 $50,000 $3,100 $12,000


New shop in a Frenchs Forest shoping center specilising in fresh and cookseafood.turn over $22000.00 nothing to spend nett $4500 per wek

North Shore - Lower 8-7pm $239,000 $22,000 $2,800 $4,500

MA 1031 Salads,and Chicken

Frenches Forest shoping center,well establish,same owner for 13 years.Sell 800 cook chickens a week,and salads.easy to run,nett $8000. per weekTurn over $28,000 per week, 7 years lease rent $2750.00 per week

Northern Suburbs 9-8pm $625,000 $28,000 $2,750 $8,000

MA 1028

City Lobby cafe under management sell 120 kg coffee  per weekno cooking,light snacks turn over $28000.00 nett $8500 per week same owner 10 yearsis a full kitchen for increase the food and table servise,80 sittings

Coffee and Cakes Sydney CBD 630am to 5pm $1,080,000 $28,000 $4,000 $8,500

MA 1027

prime railway station in CBD, same owner 10 years sitting for 70 inside,80 outsideturn over is $25000.00 lease 10 years have huge potencial,5 1/2 days

Brasserie Sydney CBD 630 am to 530pm $490,000 $25,000 $5,000 $4,800

MA 1026

Coffe Brasserie, CBD Sydney same owner many years,new shop,nothing to spend 5 1/2 days,under management.8 year lease, turn over $32,000.00 50kg coffee nett$8000.per week

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7am-5pm $850,000 $32,000 $4,000 $8,000

MA 1025 coffee, liquor bar, restaurant

City 5 days, sell 120 kg coffee turn over $85,000.00 per weekunder management, huge potencial sitings for more than 250.

Bar Sydney CBD 7am to 10pm $1,650,000 $85,000 $10,000 $15,000


city 6 days  ,under management sell 60kg coffee per week turn over 33000   9 years shop nothing to spend same owner 15 years.120 sittings

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7am to 6 pm $1,150,000 $33,000 $4,200 $8,500


City 5 days easy to run,sells 70kg coffeehuge potencial no competition, low rent and long leasenothing to spend,C,q area

Brasserie Sydney CBD 6.30am to 5pm $795,000 $33,000 $3,500 $9,000

MA 1018 Coffee ,Bar, Restaurant. JUST SOLD

Prime CBD,Martins place location, Turn over per week $130,000.00 5/12 daysunder management, sell 160 kg coffee,p.w, huge potencial,nothing to spend beautifuldecor.over10 years lease,Nett $800,000.00pa

Brasserie Sydney CBD 6am to 10pm $2,290,000 $130,000 $10,500 $16,000

MA 1014 Just Sold now

City the most high pedestrian traffic pass thisbusiness,huge potencial. turn over $60,000.00  nett$20000.00 per week180 kg coffee a week, new shop nothing to spend,potencial.

Takeaway Sydney CBD 6am to 5,30pm $1,850,000 $60,000 $4,000 $20,000

MA 1011

Beautiful fitt out cafe,in opposite the park in East Redfernsells 60kg coffee a week, low rent,long lease huge potencialto open dinner,under management.

Inner West 7am to 6pm $350,000 $28,000 $850 $7,500

MA 1010

Beuatiful cafe, huge potencial to open for dinerin a quite street location in North Sydney,next to schools.

North Shore - Lower 6.30-4.30 $450,000 $18,000 $1,300 $5,000
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