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Description Category Region Trading Hours Price Weekly Takings Rent Net Profitsort icon

MA 1041

Coffee and snacks, light cooking, 35 kg coffee a week with Rustic menuin prime Sans Souci location.Currently owner operated withHusb/wifeteam.D/a to operate nights.Nothing to spend, has good organic followingin social media and great website,easy to manage.Turn over $20,000,00 per week Rent only $1150 per weekNett $6500,easy to run no competition sitting for 55

Coffee and Sandwiches St George 7am to 3pm $329,000 $20,000 $1,150 $6,500

MA 1073 loby cafe cbd

Prime city loby cafe,same owner for many yearsnothing to spend, Nett $6500.00 per week no cooking,first time on the market,sell 70kg coffee

Sydney CBD 630 amto 430pm $759,000 $23,000 $2,500 $6,500


Coffee Brasserie Sydney CBD

Brasserie Sydney CBD 5 Days - 6am - 5pm $1,100,000 $32,000 $2,800 $7,000

MA 1069 Coffee Brasserie

One of the best caffe in our books,nothing to spend,in the best exclusive area,turn over $32000.00 a week under managementnett $7,000 per week,first will see will buy.indoorand courtyard seating 90 persons

Brasserie Eastern Suburbs 7.30- 5pm $595,000 $32,000 $5,000 $7,000

MA 1082 Coffee Snacks low cooking

Prime city location,under a huge building,no competition,very unique,run undr fullmanagement,turn over $28,000 per weeksell 50 kg coffee,seatings for60 indoor-outdoor.same owner for 20 years retiring.nett $7000 per week

Brasserie Sydney CBD 6-6pm $729,000 $28,000 $4,000 $7,000

MA 1011

Beautiful fitt out cafe,in opposite the park in East Redfernsells 60kg coffee a week, low rent,long lease huge potencialto open dinner,under management.

Inner West 7am to 6pm $350,000 $28,000 $850 $7,500


Prime Bondi westfield shopping center,no competitionvery unique cafe,easy light cooking,nothing to spend under management.Turn over $30000.00 per week nett $7500 more under  working owner.

Cafe Eastern Suburbs 8-5 $429,000 $30,000 $4,000 $7,500

MA 1067 Coffee bar restaurant

Prime city center huge potencialturn over $40,000.00 per week nothing to spendnett $7500.00 pwsitting for 120

Restaurant Sydney CBD 8-9 $650,000 $40,000 $3,580 $7,500

MA 1070 Coffee and Nuts

Prime unique CBD train station location,no competition, easy to run under management,first time on the market after 12 years trade.Turn over is $25000.00 per week, nett is for H&W $7500.00Per week,first will see will buy.

Coffee Only Sydney CBD 6am-6pm $750,000 $25,000 $3,500 $7,500

MA517 Cafe

Located under office tower ajoining prestigious retail stores, this trendy cafe capture both shopper and white collar customers. Serve light meals, 50 seatings and sells 80kg coffee.

Cafe Sydney CBD 7 days $980,000 $28,000 $3,400 $8,000

MA523 Deli Cafe

Located at the heart of a renown tourist town, this deli cafe catering for all year round tourist and local community. Serve healthy trendy light refreshments. Sells 40kg coffee 

Cafe Northern Beaches 7 days $590,000 $30,000 $3,000 $8,000

MA 1026

Coffe Brasserie, CBD Sydney same owner many years,new shop,nothing to spend 5 1/2 days,under management.8 year lease, turn over $32,000.00 50kg coffee nett$8000.per week

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7am-5pm $850,000 $32,000 $4,000 $8,000

MA 1031 Salads,and Chicken

Frenches Forest shoping center,well establish,same owner for 13 years.Sell 800 cook chickens a week,and salads.easy to run,nett $8000. per weekTurn over $28,000 per week, 7 years lease rent $2750.00 per week

Northern Suburbs 9-8pm $625,000 $28,000 $2,750 $8,000

MA 1071 Vietnamese Food bar

Prime Chatchwood location,next to the Concert Hall,Lease 3x5x5 years huge potencial,150 sittings,turn over is $22000.00H/W nett $8000.00 per week,nothing to spend beautiful fitt out.

North Shore - Lower 1130 am -2.30pm 5.30-9pm $429,000 $22,000 $3,350 $8,000

MA 1090 Prime cafe/restaurant Concord west.

Prime Majors bay rd Concord Restaurant cafe,well establish,under management, nothing to spend,Turn over $55,000.00 per week, huge potencial to open for breakfastNett on Books $460,000.00 per year

Inner West 11.30 am to 10pm $855,000 $55,000 $5,000 $8,000


city 6 days  ,under management sell 60kg coffee per week turn over 33000   9 years shop nothing to spend same owner 15 years.120 sittings

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7am to 6 pm $1,150,000 $33,000 $4,200 $8,500

MA 1028

City Lobby cafe under management sell 120 kg coffee  per weekno cooking,light snacks turn over $28000.00 nett $8500 per week same owner 10 yearsis a full kitchen for increase the food and table servise,80 sittings

Coffee and Cakes Sydney CBD 630am to 5pm $1,080,000 $28,000 $4,000 $8,500

MA 1075 Loby cafe cbd

One of the best newly renovate nothing to spendsame owner for 15 years,no cooking sell 80kg coffeeturn over $33000.00 Profit $8500.00 under management

Sydney CBD 6am to 5pm $1,050,000 $33,000 $2,200 $8,500

MA559 Cafe

What a wonderful location for a cafe. Situated at a Million dollar view water front Residential & Office development. Selling 45kg coffee and a selective range of light meals. 

Cafe Sydney CBD 7 days $650,000 $25,000 $1,500 $9,000

MA-678 Cafe Brasserie

Located in Sydney CBD adjoining high rise office tower and prestigious label retailer stores. Catering for Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Full kitchen state of art decor.

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7 days $950,000 $38,000 $3,800 $9,000
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