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Description Category Region Trading Hours Price Weekly Takings Rent Net Profit


Located at one of the Sydney CBD busiest food court. Selling gourmet fresh cut sandwiches and coffee. Same owner for many years. loyal office customers. Offering catering to surrounding corporates. 

Coffee and Sandwiches Sydney CBD 5 Days $320,000 $25,000 $5,000 $3,500

MA-576 Kabab BBQ Chicken

Well established Takeaway food, Selling kababs, BBQ chickens & Salads. Open 7 days and nights. Street corner exposure. Suitable for someone who is willing to work hard to earn good return. 

Takeaway Inner West 7 days and nights $1,200,000 $50,000 $2,500 $12,000


Epresso Bar right next to high traffic flow location of High rise Office complex. No cooking just cakes and coffee selling 30kg bean pw. Simple operation with potential to increase the sell of coffee. 

Coffee and Cakes Sydney CBD 5 days $450,000 $10,000 $1,200 $4,000

(SOLD) MA-565 Seafood Cafe

 A Licensed Seafood cafe situated under a high rise corporate building. Serving business lunch as well as takeaway. The quality food and friendly service make this business an ideal dining place for corporate workers. 

Brasserie Sydney CBD 5 days $280,000 $165,000 $3,250 $3,500

MA562 Cloth Alteration

Trading only 5 days, cloth alteration shop located within the small arcade with entrance from busy main street of Sydney CBD. Same owner operated for 10 years. Establish long term clients.

Sydney CBD 5 days $128,000 $3,500 $557 $2,000

MA561 Cafe Brasserie

On offer is a trendy licensed cafe at a prestigious retail and office complex. selling 35kg coffee and extensive range of delicious meals. Full team of well trained staff in place.

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7 days $525,000 $16,000 $1,950 $4,000

MA559 Cafe

What a wonderful location for a cafe. Situated at a Million dollar view water front Residential & Office development. Selling 45kg coffee and a selective range of light meals. 

Cafe Sydney CBD 7 days $650,000 $25,000 $1,500 $9,000

MA550 BBQ Chicken Chinese Food (SOLD)

East meets West. The takeaway food serve oriental food as well as BBQ Chicken and pre-wrapped sandwiches. It is located within one of the busiest food court in CBD and renown for fast service and high quality food.

Takeaway Sydney CBD 5 days $650,000 $30,000 $5,000 $6,500

MA548 Sandwich and Coffee

On offer is a sandwich & coffee take away shop situated in the food court ajoining a railway station. The high quality delicious food attract mass customers from the surrounding offices.

Takeaway Sydney CBD 5 days $320,000 $16,000 $3,576 $4,000

MA543 Sandwiches Salads

Serving Sandwiches, coffee, salads and hot meals, the trendy takeaway food bar is situated in a busy CBD food court. There are always a large numbers of customer queuing up for their food. It is a very well run business. 

Coffee and Sandwiches Sydney CBD 5 days $520,000 $22,000 $23,000 $5,000

MA542 Cafe Brasserie

Licensed Cafe tastefully decorated located on the ground level of a financial institute. There is a takeaway section serving fresh cut gourmet sandwiches. A la carte menu provided selections of popular meal for casual business lunch.           

Sydney CBD 5 days $750,000 $22,000 $3,000 $5,500

( SOLD ) MA541 Cafe

Nestled next to the escalator, this 60 seats cafe is located in one of the leading shopping Centre on the North Shore. At present under management. Owner operator would have the potential to improve the taking of this business. 

Cafe North Shore - Upper 7 days $190,000 $1,050 $2,250 $2,000

MA540 BBQ Chicken & Salad

BBQ Chicken & Salad shop with lots of seatings situated at the prime location of a shopping centre. Trendy fitout and attractive food display ensure gradual increase in takings.

Takeaway Northern Beaches 7 days $420,000 $22,000 $2,850 $4,000

(SOLD) MA-534 Cafe

Small modern design cafe close to court house with busy foot traffic. Customers comprises with office workers, residents and tradsman. Serve healthy meals, cakes and coffee.

Coffee and Sandwiches Sydney CBD 5 days $219,000 $8,000 $1,170 $2,500

MA530 Cafe Brasserie

Favourably located near a very popular beach, this licensed cafe only trades 6 nights, opportunity for experienced operator to trade breakfast and lunch and drive the business to a much higher level.

Brasserie St George 6 nights $290,000 $1,800 $2,200 $4,000

MA529 BBQ Chicken & Salad

On offer is a very busy shop situated on suburban shopping strip. Lots of local residential and tradesman customers. low rent huge profit. Suits family or partnership.

Takeaway Eastern Suburbs 7 Days $1,200,000 $42,000 $800 $14,000

MA526 Cafe Bar

This elegant Licensed cafe is located at the ground level of high rise office building. A well established cafe serving trendy light meals as well as full a la carte menu. Full team of experienced staff in place for someone wish to run it under management.

Brasserie Sydney CBD 7 days $1,200,000 $40,000 $3,800 $10,000

MA524 Cafe

Capitalising on the surrounding office towers, this cafe is always packed with loyal customers. The cafe offer distinctive coffee, delicious meals and provide corporate catering. A very well estalished business.

Cafe Sydney CBD 5 days $350,000 $14,000 $2,350 $3,500

MA523 Deli Cafe

Located at the heart of a renown tourist town, this deli cafe catering for all year round tourist and local community. Serve healthy trendy light refreshments. Sells 40kg coffee 

Cafe Northern Beaches 7 days $590,000 $30,000 $3,000 $8,000

MA522 Salad & Fresh Juices

Fruit Juice Salad Bar located right under office tower next to railway station. Enjoy all day long foot traffice. Serving healthy salads and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Takeaway Sydney CBD 5 days $500,000 $17,500 $3,300 $5,000
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